David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Keep remembering, it's D in 'Dogs that is the issue

1. Said it before, saying it again: everyone talks about the Fresno State quarterback race to replace Derek Carr, and with good reason, but ... their real issue is to fix its pock-holed defense so that the offense won't have to hang half a hundred on the board each week to win.

2. Really like Duke transfer Brandon Connette's chances of becoming the starting quarterback; if not by the Aug. 30 opener at USC, then after Fresno State's 1-2 or 0-3 start against that brutal front end of a schedule. And that, ladies and gents, is just the way it's going to shake.

3. Ever get the feeling the Giants keep holding on, and the Dodgers keep holding back? No idea how the Giants are staying in this NL West race, but some of us are still gripping on to hope for a Bay Bridge Series Redux. Only, without that whole earth shaking part.