David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Thanks, Rory, for burying ESPN's Tiger tendency

• 1. Progress at the World Wide Leader in the form of this top headline Saturday: "Rory McIlroy leads British Open." And we thought ESPN staffers were only allowed to write golf headlines with the word "Tiger" in them. Golf just might survive without the greatest player not to win a major since 2008 ever winning a major again.

• 2. Jose Canseco was back at the Oakland Coliseum on Saturday, and don't Bash the former A's Brother for being a cheat. At least Canseco was honest about his dishonesty, which is a lot better than what Mark McGwire and others who got paid in the steroids era did.

• 3. Went to a Visalia Oaks game for the first time since 2004. Imagine my surprise to learn the Oaks grew Rawhide skin and Recreation Park grew brick walls and Harry from Tulare wasn't working the mic. Good thing the bats are still wood and the atmosphere is still great for a hot summer night with the kids.