David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Be careful who you're counting on to come up large

1. What do you mean Marco Scutaro went 1 for 10 in his Fresno Grizzlies rehab, rejoined the Giants starting lineup Saturday, and they still lost 2-0 to Arizona? Because no one saw that coming. ... Really hope Dealer in Chief Brian Sabean plans on shopping for some maple furniture for his roster between now and the last of the month.

2. LeBron goes back to Cleveland. Carmelo stays in New York. Gasol bolts to Chicago. But what really matters, Lakers fans, is you've got Lin-sanity — as in, if you think acquiring Jeremy Lin is the offseason answer, then you must be Lin-sane.

3. It's Germany vs. Lionel Messi in today's World Cup final, which is really not fair. I mean, how are the Germans expected to have a fighting chance when they're outnumbered 1 to 11? Argentina 2, Germany 1 — if only because Messi's teammates will keep getting in the way.