David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: America, sure, but soccer? Not so much

1. Dear soccer fan, Americans watching the World Cup once every four years doesn't make us all soccer fans. It makes us fans of America, no matter the game. It's like caring about ice hockey come Winter Olympics time. Except, ice hockey fans don't care if we don't care the rest of the time. Signed, When Does Training Camp Begin?

2. New rule: If World Cup quarterfinalists cannot score one goal in 120 minutes of world-class trying -- that would be you, Netherlands and Costa Rica -- don't go to penalty kicks. Go home instead. We'll let the next opponent enjoy the sands of Rio during a semifinal bye.

3. Enjoyed a lunch visit with Fresno State men's basketball coach Rodney Terry the other day. He almost got through the meal unrecognized and uninterrupted by any fans. If his vision for the program develops as planned, those days of mealtime privacy will soon be over.