David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: About that Raider QB situation ...

-- 1. Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor is ruled out of today's game at Houston with a sprained knee. Undrafted rookie Matt McGloin will make the start. Promoted practice squad arm Tyler Wilson is the backup. Makes one wonder if they're starting to wish they signed former Fresno State standout David Carr after his tryout last month? Because they clearly don't need a veteran presence like his in the event of an emergency.

-- 2. Speaking of Pryor, good luck deciding if he is indeed the Raiders' quarterback of the future. He's playing behind a pointless offensive line, with a meritless receiving corps, and no meaningful run support. The offensive game plan seems to be to wait until the play breaks down, and hope Pryor remembers to slide at the end of his scramble for life. There are tire fires, and then there is the post-Rich Gannon Raiders' offense.

-- 3. Alex Smith is no Colin Kaepernick. For one thing, Smith is undefeated. Smith has more passing yards, fewer turnovers, and triple the games with 200-plus passing yards. And, it's not like Smith is playing catch with Pro Bowlers out there, either. Kaepernick may have more raw talent, but Smith is supremely better at making something out of nothing. He did it with the 49ers in 2011, and he's doing it again this season with the formerly 2-14 Chiefs. Before you say Smith is on the backside of his career, he's only 29 -- three years older than Kaepernick.