David White

David White's Three-Point Stance: Peaches and grapes aren’t all that’s homegrown in this Valley

1. (Bill) Sharman Gymnasium in Porterville. Bobby Cox Field in Selma. Tom Flores Stadium in Sanger. (Daryle) Lamonica Stadium in Clovis. Rafer Johnson Junior High in Kingsburg. Bob Mathias Stadium in Tulare. And now, Tom Seaver Lane in Fresno. Peaches and grapes aren’t all that’s homegrown in this Valley.

2. Five unmarked landmarks we'd love to see memorialized in the Valley: the railroad boxcar that future Olympic gold medalist Rafer Johnson lived in by a Kingsburg cannery; the Fresno street corner where future world boxing champion Young Corbett III hawked newspapers as a child; the Fresno garage where future Indy 500 winner Billy Vukovich learned to turn a wrench; the rimmed hoop in Porterville where future Hall of Famer Bill Sharman learned to be the greatest free-throw shooter in NBA history; and the Tulare backyard the Mathias family set up as a track and field course for their future Olympic champion.

3. And, just because: the chain-link fence David Carr used to jump as a kid to play catch in Bulldog Stadium; the dental chair where Falcons hockey brawler Greg Spenrath used to get his chipped teeth fixed; the exact street location where Will Clark deposited his first home run -- in the first swing of his first professional at-bat -- for the Fresno Giants at Euless Park.