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Fishing’s enduring questions: Pondering dams, licenses, plants, safety and enforcing the law

I’ve compiled a few questions over the last year or two that I ponder but still I haven’t been able to come up with any rational answers. Bet a few of these are ones you’ve considered, too!

Build a dam? We’ve been able to dodge the bullet of a massive drought, where California essentially dries up and blows away. I would think that getting a second chance would be enough motivation to get the forces that be moving at warp speed toward viable ways to store some of the trillion or so gallons of water that are leaking out to the sea. It seems that any commonsense solutions I see still seem to get trumped by the environmentalists and activist courts. Is it going to take a true disaster for folks to wake up?

Revamp licensing? When will we finally get a year-long fishing license rather than the ridiculous annually renewed license we have now. Anglers refuse to bother with buying an expensive license after most of the year has already passed. Who in the heck is fighting this, anyway – and why didn’t it go through last year? They know it will produce more money.

Plant some bass? I still am perplexed that the state Department of Fish and Wildlife doesn’t plant warm-water species anymore. It’s clear that a bunch of money goes to cold-water plants and I’m happy for those fishermen, but what about everyone else? When I asked DFW staff why they didn’t plant warm-water species, I was told that they didn’t think it worked. Really? If our lakes hadn’t been planted with Florida bass, etc., some years ago by folks I credit with vision, we wouldn’t have the warm-water fisheries we have today. I look at Texas and the programs they have to maximize the fisheries and wonder where and why we are missing the boat?

Be prepared? Why in the heck do anglers still go out in little boats with no life jackets, kids and a load of equipment? At San Luis Reservoir alone, there have been two capsizings in the last five to six weeks where the folks were lucky to make it to shore. In each instance, the boats were small and susceptible to wind and rollers of any size –and that’s what got them in the end.

Be vigilant? Why aren’t there more game wardens? We need them to keep our resources intact and the bad guys from wiping them out. I would be all for adding a small fee to our licenses exclusively to fund more wardens.

It’s cathartic to vent about things that make little sense (to me)! My only answer to all of this ... never give up!

Roger George is The Bee’s fishing expert:, Rogergeorgeguideservice on Facebook and @StriperWars