What rebuild? Raiders’ Derek Carr says it’s win now and talks Antonio Brown and others

When Derek Carr visited Valley Children’s Hospital for his annual “Inside the Huddle” event March 2, he said he “hoped” the Oakland Raiders would go after Antonio Brown in a trade.

The Raiders did just that and added Brown in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Later, the Raiders added wide receiver Tyrell Williams to the mix, as well as tackle Trent Brown.

Carr, who will be in Fresno on Friday and Saturday for his Altar Conference, on Tuesday talked publicly about Brown for the first time and didn’t hold back on his feelings for the receiver along with his other new teammates.

“When you see the people we’re signing and the people we’re bringing in, we’re building a team to win now,” Carr said on his YouTube channel. “We’re ready to go. We’re so hungry; we’re so on fire to win.”

Carr has spent time with Brown since the acquisition, even having fun recently at Bulldog Stadium for the birthday of Carr’s son, Deker. Brown was invited and he showed up.

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Carr on Raiders’ acquisitions

On Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams — “He is one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever been around my life. We worked out a lot together. We have been putting in the work that needs to be put in. With AB, Tyrell — he flew out here also and we’ve been working. It’s been unbelievable and it’s been really cool to get to know those guys and to work with them because both of them are just so hungry to work. Both of them are just so hungry to be better, to be on the same page as me. We are talking things that because of their football knowledge, we’re already talking things that are so far beyond ... just we’ve been together for just a few months, honestly. What’s really cool about that is, obviously in the past I had Coop (Amari Cooper), Crab (Michael Crabtree), and in this past year I had Jordy (Nelson), Cookie (Jared Cook), just the team’s main targets we’re trying to get the ball to — these two are right up there. They are really good football players. I would just come home and I tell my wife, ‘These dudes, not only are the most amazing football players that I’ve been around, they’re awesome, but they work their tails off. They don’t even want to stop.’ Me and Antonio we threw five post routes just because he needed more conditioning. It’s just been awesome just to continue to go after ... our playbook together, just our minds, what we want to see and think. It’s going to be really fun to be honest with you.”

His new tackle, Trent Brown — “You gotta have someone like Trent Brown to give you a little bit of time to throw the ball, and it’s amazing to see we’re able to get the top tackle in free agency, let alone get all these weapons, and it’s just been awesome just to see our team grow. All we’ve done is add good players and good people. From the outside looking in, nobody honestly knows what’s going on, if I’m just keeping it real.”

New Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict —He’s amazing. I’ve known him for a while and talked to him a couple times, not just when he signed but the last couple days I’ve been talking to him. He’s an amazing man; he’s ready to hit somebody and he’s ready to lead our defense. I know with him being with (Paul) Guenther, they’re going to be awesome..

On other new teammates —Brandon Marshall — we got a great group of guys that are coming together and we’re going to compete our tail off. This is the third time we rebuilt and it’s not ideal. We went through a hard year, but what we learned is the standard that we set and how we practice. The standard how we prepare; the standard of how we do things and operate. Coach (Jon) Gruden doesn’t take anything less than what he expects. We set the foundation and know we’re bringing these guys in that are hungry and want to fight and want to grind and want to be Raiders. That’s something to be said about that. There is work need to be done. We’re adding new football players and it’s going to be fun.”

Raiders add another wide receiver

Unrestricted free agent Ryan Grant signed with the Raiders on Wednesday.

Last season, Grant appeared in 14 games for the Indianapolis Colts and finished with 35 receptions for 334 yards and had one touchdown.

Grant was drafted in the fifth round (142nd overall) of the 2014 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.

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