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Fresno State professors have Trump’s victory all wrong

Donald Trump won the presidential election because Americans had grown tired of failed leadership – not because the GOP welcomes white supremacists, writes Fresno businessman Mike Der Manouel Jr.
Donald Trump won the presidential election because Americans had grown tired of failed leadership – not because the GOP welcomes white supremacists, writes Fresno businessman Mike Der Manouel Jr. AP file

Since the election of Donald Trump last month, normal Americans have endured a stream of absurd reactions from leftist progressives. These range from protests, riots, complaints about the Constitution, ridiculous recount attempts, demands for safe spaces, therapy animals, play dough, crying sessions and expressions of “fear.”

Such pathetic behaviors and attitudes on the left today are far worse than what they imagined it would be like on the right had Trump lost!

As part of the ongoing tantrum, we’re seeing “analysis” of the election from the same news media that simply refused to acknowledge the mood of many Americans, and from college campuses, which remain a laboratory for intellectual orthodoxy and laziness while pretending to encourage a free exchange of ideas.

The latest nonsense comes from our own Fresno State faculty, Ethan J. Kytle and Blain Roberts, who in a 750-word screed associate both the Republican Party and President-elect Trump with mass murderer Dylann Roof, white supremacy and racism.

They are factually and historically incorrect.

Let’s discuss white supremacy, briefly. Its influence is so pervasive within the Republican Party that this year, former KKK leader David Duke finished seventh in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate primary. Yes, those white supremacists are a real political powerhouse! The professors cite quotations from one website, one white nationalist and one North Carolina KKK group planning a parade as some sort of “movement” within the Republican Party.

All the while, there is ample and repeated evidence that the GOP has time and again rejected all white nationalism and all representatives of those beliefs. The same cannot be said of Democrats, by the way, who gave birth to the modern KKK in the 1950s.

The professors cite statistics from the far left Southern Poverty Law Center as further evidence of Republican racism, 867 post-election incidents of “harassment” against blacks, Jews, LGBTQ and immigrants, including “many committed in his (Trump’s) name,” without any corroboration. In fact upon investigation of many of these reported incidents, significant numbers of them have proven to be hoaxes. For dozens of examples of pro-Trump hate crime hoaxes, visit

Then there is the infamous chain letter to mosques across the state. The crudely handwritten letter included threats against Muslims and invoked Donald Trump’s name and it received the exact publicity it was intended to get – but nobody knows who authored the letter. The professors join the media, and again assume, without evidence, that it was sent by a right-wing Trump supporter. Well, I think it was sent by a left-wing maniac looking to create a false narrative about Trump and Republicans, and I have just as much evidence for my belief as do the professors – none.

Kytle and Ross characterize the Trump campaign theme of “Make America Great Again” as a “dog whistle” to white supremacists. Now, I realize that any “America First” theme is offensive to liberals of all stripes. But could it be possible that the professors just have no idea what is going on outside of the blue bubble they operate in inside the blue cocoon of Fresno State? I am happy to explain why “Make America Great Again” is more than a dog whistle, but a national imperative. Hint: It has nothing to do with race.

There are plenty of us who openly wonder how a country with $20 trillion in debt, $60 trillion in unfunded entitlement liabilities, 1.5 percent average economic growth for 10 years, porous borders, Islamic State investigations in all 50 states, 95 million out of the workforce, 1 in 5 households with no one employed, 50 million on food stamps, a shrinking middle class, an absurd insistence from the left that we continue immigration from countries with terrorism, ongoing acute problems in major urban areas of the country and deteriorating race relations is actually great now.

Trump won the election because the American political establishment has stumbled, badly. There simply aren’t enough white supremacists in the country to have made any measurable difference in the 2016 election.

Finally, the professors indicate that Trump is responsible for “encouraging this wave of threats and violence” referring to incidents during and after the campaign. Did they read WikiLeaks? We now know that violence at Trump rallies was a paid enterprise of the Clinton organization. And it stopped when these revelations were made public.

White supremacy has no place in any society, it has no place in the Republican Party, and it had nothing to do with Trump’s resounding victory in November. The professors are wrong.

Fresno businessman Mike Der Manouel Jr. is chairman and co-founder of the Lincoln Club of Fresno County and a former congressional candidate. Twitter, @LincolnFresno