Marek Warszawski

Warszawski: Welcome to Fresno, the new cradle of basketball

Enter the Warzone, following the bouncing ball.

• Since when did Fresno become a cradle of basketball? Flip on the NBA playoffs, and see for yourself.

There’s Quincy Pondexter draining 3s, grabbing rebounds and guarding the perimeter for the Pelicans.

There’s Brook Lopez dominating down low for the Nets, and brother Robin bringing energy for the Trail Blazers.

Move over, Chicago. Make way, Harlem. Give us some space, Flint, Mich.

• The Lopez twins and Pondexter, of course, played on the same team at Memorial High.

No, that Panthers squad didn’t win a state title. Hear that a lot. Their success in college and the NBA more than makes up for it.

• Before Game 1 against the Warriors, Pondexter said he wanted to turn everyone in Fresno “into Pelicans fans.”

That might be tough. They’re too busy rooting for whatever team is winning.

• Pondexter has the unenviable (and impossible) task of defending Stephen Curry, which is about as easy as grabbing the wing of a hummingbird.

• TNT put up an astonishing graphic showing the Clippers are 12-0 in the playoffs and regular season when DeAndre Jordan shoots 14 or more free throws.

Meaning Gregg Popovich has no excuse for making playoff games dreadfully dull.

• Two weeks into the season, and the defending World Series champion Giants are in last place by 31/2 games.

But, man, those rings sure are pretty.

• The Dodgers are off to such a great start (MLB-leading .885 OPS and a 2.80 team ERA) that not even Don Mattingly’s strategizing can screw things up.

• Seven months ago 49ers guard Alex Boone said Jim Harbaugh was “like a brother to me.” Now Boone thinks Harbaugh might be “clinically insane.”

Which makes complete sense to everyone with a clinically insane brother.

• ESPN will televise a two-hour special tonight announcing the dates of the 2015 NFL game schedule.

Not each team’s opponents, which have been announced previously. No, just the dates.

Millions of sheep … er, football fans … are sure to tune in.

• Can’t wait to see Tim Tebow throw his first interception

for the Eagles.

Philadelphia fans being so forgiving.

• The Dolphins have sold out all 32 “living room” suites at renovated Sun Life Stadium where fans get reclining chairs and personal flat screen TVs.

Just like their living rooms at home — with an additional $75,000 mortgage.

• Bulldogs softball player Brenna Moss is batting .449 as a senior. After batting .368 as a junior, .302 as a sophomore and .283 as a freshman.

Nothing average about that improvement.

• Keep waiting for the Fresno State baseball team to turn around its season. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting ...

• The Bulldogs are 16-5 at home and 3-15 on the road. That’s it. From now on, Pardini’s gets its own row on the team bus.

• Eric Hubbard, who has coached the Bulldogs equestrian team since December 2013, is no longer saddled with the interim title.

Barump bump.

• For no particular reason: Jerome Whitehead

• Rodeo enthusiasts from all over will pack Old Town Clovis this weekend for the 101st annual Clovis Rodeo.

Everyone else better steer clear.

• A late-night

debate between two Penn State students

over who is the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan or LeBron James, resulted in the arrest of 22-year-old Daniel Mondelice for aggravated assault and criminal trespassing.

Unfortunately, news reports don’t indicate whose side Mondelice took. Jordan’s, hopefully.