Marek Warszawski

Warszawski: Any way you spice it, Curry’s the MVP

Enter the Warzone, 50-foot strike thrower.

• Stephen Curry deserves the MVP award not because he’s been the best player on the NBA’s best team but because he’s been the best player in the entire league.

You can cite Curry’s insane shooting percentages, especially for someone who shoots so often, his ball handling wizardry or sneaky defense touted by Warriors assistant (and Fresno-area native) Ron Adams.

Most of all, though, there’s the JLA factor: Jaws Left Agape. When it comes to showmanship, Curry is in a category all by himself.

• Warriors-Spurs is an NBA playoff series that needs to happen. Please make it so, basketball gods.

• What Jordan Spieth did at the Masters was both fantastic and historic, but let’s not go nuts.

Whoops. Too late.

• Sure hope Spieth becomes the best American golfer since Tiger and Phil, a fitting rival to Rory, the sport’s savior, all that stuff Big Golf envisions.

Otherwise, he will be deemed a failure.

• Grizzlies managing general partner Chris Cummings was in a great mood opening night. Even before heading upstairs to the Phoenix Club for his normal pregame ritual: a shot of Patrón.

“Good-luck charm, and it sort of calms my nerves before the start of a big game,” Cummings said with a smile.

• Cummings’ smile will be even wider if (when?) the

City Council approves a new lease agreement

that slashes the team’s annual rent at Chukchansi Park to $750,000.

Without that new lease — and the vote has been tabled until the next meeting a few weeks off — potential buyers aren’t going to take the leap.

And from what we hear, there is plenty of interest.

• Way too soon to say how losing the Giants’ affiliation has impacted the Grizzlies at the gate. Things seemed pretty normal for an opening series, save for an extra Astros cap or two.

• Those in attendance Monday night got to witness their favorite sports columnist toss out the first pitch.

Provided they weren’t distracted by garlic fries.

• Those who

took our advice

and went out to see the Fresno State lacrosse team play Cal got treated to a dramatic 11-10 victory. Freshman Lindsay Hobson scored the winning goal with 6 seconds left.

The Bulldogs broke the school record for wins in a season, and don’t be surprised if that starts becoming a habit.

• Still, winning isn’t everything in college athletics. Was reminded of that last week by Kasandra Martinson and Callie Seidman, two original Bulldogs lacrosse players who began their careers with 44 straight defeats.

Martinson, who now works in Fresno State’s marketing department, and Seidman, working on her master’s in sports management at USF, both called the experience the most rewarding of their lives.

• Anyone who wondered if the Bulldogs baseball team

had any fight left

just got their answer.

Nothing like a little Sriracha sauce sprinkled on your peanuts and Cracker Jack.

• At some point the NFL Draft will actually take place, and we’ll all be allowed to return to our normal lives. Promise.

• After all these years, Ricky Manning Jr. is finally a Bulldog.

“Got my student ID!” Fresno State’s newest graduate assistant beamed when we recently spoke.

• For no particular reason: Chad Zerbe

• Chess grandmaster Gaioz Nigalidze was

disqualified from a tournament

in Dubai after officials discovered he was checking a chess app on his phone during frequent trips to the bathroom.

That’s one way to flush out a cheater.

• During the Giants’ opening-day festivities at AT&T Park, Madison Bumgarner

rode in on a horse

carrying the World Series championship banner.

An entrance matched only by the giddyup on his fastball.