Marek Warszawski

Warszawski: Derek Carr becoming a model QB compared to Kaepernick

Enter the Warzone, high plains Swiffer.

• A certain someone returned from Boise, Idaho, feeling like he should’ve covered 49ers-Raiders instead of the Mountain West Conference championship.

Of course, if he did that, the universe would’ve given us a Fresno State upset and a Derek Carr stinker.


• Carr saved his best performance of the season for the one game that means the most to Raiders fans. Superb timing, rookie.

• Now we know why the Raiders lost 52-0 to the Rams. They were practicing for the 49ers.

• The 49ers are done and Jim Harbaugh will be coaching someplace else next season. This is Jed York and Trent Baalke’s team, for better or worse.

Suspect worse.

• Colin Kaepernick would get benched right now if the 49ers had any kind of a backup.

The surly podium act could also use a rest.

• If Kaepernick needs a role model for how a franchise quarterback is supposed to comport himself, look across the Bay.

• Hearing from some Bulldogs fans who say the team shouldn’t even bother going to a bowl.

Tell it to Derron Smith and Tyeler Davison. Preferably in their presence.

• Yes, there are too many bowls. Yes, it’s ridiculous 6-6 and 6-7 teams get to play in them.

No, that isn’t Fresno State’s fault.

• Tickets to the Hawaii Bowl are on sale through the usual channels at $45 apiece.

You’re on your own for the $1,000 airfare.

• That the Bulldogs defense surrendered only 21 points was one of the more overlooked aspects of the MW championship.

Not to mention Broncos tailback Jay Ajayi’s zero second-half rushing yards.

• Fresno State did everything possible (punt on fourth-and-1, run out the clock) to be trailing only 21-0 at halftime.

Curious strategy for a coaching staff that prides itself in being aggressive.

• Even more curious: The Broncos were getting the second-half kickoff.

• College football’s power brokers keep rejiggering the payoff formula, so Fresno State will pocket more for Boise State’s Fiesta Bowl appearance than the $166,666.67 figure we had last week.

Still won’t be anywhere close to seven figures in actual dollars. (Will keep tabs on this.)

• So after all that, the College Football Playoff comes down to a popularity contest. No way Oklahoma or Texas get jumped like TCU.

• If the Big 12 expands, can’t see how Fresno State is any higher than fifth or sixth in the pecking order. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try.

• Fresno State vice president of administration Cynthia Teniete-Matson is the new president at Texas-San Antonio.

Congratulations to her, and to Bulldogs football and men’s basketball.

• Teniete-Matson, along with former athletic director Thomas Boeh and ex-associate AD Betsy Mosher, were the three prongs of Fresno State’s Title IX compliance pitchfork.

• The Bulldogs men’s basketball team will play Wednesday at Texas Tech, its 10th game of the season. Seven have been somewhere other that the Save Mart Center.

For the program to be successful, that ratio has to change.

• Say this for the A’s and Billy Beane: Mediocrity is not on the agenda. It’s either playoffs or fire sale.

• The Giants and Cubs are reportedly finalists for free-agent pitcher Jon Lester. So it’s either the team with three World Series titles in five years or one without one since Henry Ford built the first Model T.

• For no particular reason: A.J. Gass

• Days when you can look east from Fresno and see Mount Goddard’s snow-capped summit poking over the Sierra are infinitely better than days when you can’t.

• Jeff Tedford, Tim DeRuyter and even Pat Hill are all rumored candidates for the Oregon State job.

The Beavers AD must have a closet full of Bulldogs ties.