Marek Warszawski

Warszawski: Derek Carr becoming a model QB compared to Kaepernick

Enter the Warzone, high plains Swiffer.

Of course, if he did that, the universe would’ve given us a Fresno State upset and a Derek Carr stinker.


Suspect worse.

The surly podium act could also use a rest.

Tell it to Derron Smith and Tyeler Davison. Preferably in their presence.

No, that isn’t Fresno State’s fault.

You’re on your own for the $1,000 airfare.

Not to mention Broncos tailback Jay Ajayi’s zero second-half rushing yards.

Curious strategy for a coaching staff that prides itself in being aggressive.

Still won’t be anywhere close to seven figures in actual dollars. (Will keep tabs on this.)

Congratulations to her, and to Bulldogs football and men’s basketball.

For the program to be successful, that ratio has to change.

The Beavers AD must have a closet full of Bulldogs ties.