Marek Warszawski

Warszawski: Fresno State better get moving on DeRuyter extension

Enter the Warzone, your personal 2-minute warning.

** If Fresno State was serious about that contract extension for Tim DeRuyter, time to get moving.

An announcement before Saturday's Mountain West Conference championship would be ideal.

** Of course, it's possible DeRuyter's ship will have sailed to Washington by then. Or somewhere else.

That's life on the food chain when you're not the king carnivore.

** In his weekly news conference, DeRuyter said he felt a little like Austin Powers after his mojo got stolen.

Let's hope a time machine isn't the only way to find it.

** Sure glad DeRuyter brought up the Bulldogs haven't won an outright conference title since 1991, when Jim Sweeney was coach.

If we had done that, there would be a dozen emails calling us jerks. Or worse.

** Apparently, some folks don't like it when the guy in the paper blames the defense after an undefeated college football team loses 62-52.

Who knew?

** Bulldogs fans will be smarting from that one for a long time.

Well, here's something positive: At least Fresno State-San Jose State is a rivalry again.

** There's some concern that Saturday's championship game might not be a sellout.

Sure didn't take long to clear out the bandwagoners.

** Utah State coach Matt Wells said the Fresno State offense reminds him of "the Globetrotters on grass."

Wells didn't say if the defense reminds him of the Washington Generals.

** MW Commissioner Craig Thompson said he's 99% sure the Las Vegas Bowl will pick the conference champion.

Meaning the Bulldogs better beat Utah State, or else they'll be going bowling in San Diego the day after Christmas. Against a MAC team.

** Don't necessarily buy the theory that because past Fresno State teams suffered letdowns after a tough loss that this one will, too.

Those teams didn't have Derek Carr (and probably Davante Adams) playing their last games at Bulldog Stadium.

** From politics to the Great Cake vs. Pie Debate, we are a divided country.

But every so often, a moment comes along that unites us all. Well, except Alabama fans.

** It wasn't just that Alabama lost. It was that the Tide lost in such spectacular fashion that people will be bringing it up for decades.

** So after all that, USC goes out and hires the coach (Steve Sarkisian) most folks assumed they'd hire all along.

Where's the fun in that?

** Ed Orgeron quit after not getting the USC job, leaving the Trojans with another interim coach for the bowl.

So don't be surprised if the players give interim effort.

** It's just speculation, of course, but Chris Petersen seems like a good fit for Washington.

Can't see him staying at Boise State forever, and Seattle might just be his speed.

** True sports fans don't stab someone for wearing a different team's jersey.

That's thug behavior.

** For no particular reason: Dickey Simpkins

** The Oakland A's gave $22 million to a pitcher who has had one solid year since 2008.

Either Billy Beane has lost his mind, or Scott Kazmir is your 2014 American League Cy Young winner.

** Jerry Jones told the Dallas Morning News that Al Davis once talked him out of trading Michael Irvin.

Raiders fans are wondering why Davis didn't talk Jones into trading for JaMarcus Russell.