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Why the New T-Mobile wants to invest in Fresno County

Mike Sievert, president of T-Mobile, which is based in Bellevue, Washington.
Mike Sievert, president of T-Mobile, which is based in Bellevue, Washington. T-Mobile

This past week, we shared big news: When T-Mobile’s pending merger with Sprint is approved, the New T-Mobile plans to build an amazing Customer Experience Center (CEC) in the Kingsburg area.

We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the area, and we’re impressed. While 300 days of sunshine and the world’s best raisins were great selling points, we found that Fresno County has even more to offer. This community possesses the same tenacity, innovative spirit and entrepreneurship that exists across all of California and has fueled the state’s success, and that’s why it’s a perfect fit. Those are the same qualities that have made T-Mobile who we are today, too.

Since we hope to be neighbors, I thought I’d tell you more about us and what we plan to bring to this area.

We are passionate about taking care of our customers (some say we’re customer-obsessed), and, yes, we’ve become famous for breaking the rules of wireless (we are, after all, the un-carrier). We’ve done everything we can to address customer pain points — from banishing two-year service contracts to providing customers with unlimited data on their smartphone. And, yes, it’s true that we love magenta, and our CEO cooks pot roast in a slow cooker live on social media.

But there is another really important thing — maybe the most important thing — our employees are the heart of everything we do. Especially our front-line employees. They are the reason that T-Mobile today is No. 1 in customer satisfaction, and the reason the New T-Mobile will break new barriers in wireless and beyond.

With this new CEC in the Kingsburg area, we’ll need to fill 1,000 jobs with the very best employees who will help us take on the big guys and fight for consumers. This would make the New T-Mobile one of the largest employers in Fresno County. Lucky for us, some of the most diverse, skilled and hardworking people are here — and we can’t wait to have them join our magenta family! This wealth of talent is crucial to our business plan and one of the reasons we selected this location.

Hiring awesome talent is important to us because we believe that real customer care starts with real people. In fact, we built an entire customer support model around it. The new Kingsburg facility — and all the New T-Mobile CECs — will have our Team of Experts (TEX) model. With TEX, when customers call or message us for support, they’re connected with a person who can solve their problem.

By the way — one really cool thing about TEX is that the CECs primarily serve their regions. The team here at the Kingsburg CEC team will serve their fellow Californians.

This type of person-to-person service doesn’t work simply because you build a model. It is only successful if you have engaged people on the other end of the line. That’s why we find the best employees and invest in them. How? First, we pay them well. The average salary at our Customer Experience Center in Kingsburg will earn wages on average over 50% higher than the average wages in Fresno County, which will make the New T-Mobile one of the highest-paying employers in the area. Employees also get stock grants — allowing them to have a personal stake in the company — along with great medical, dental and vision benefits. We also have great options for parents, including child-care subsidies, paid parental leave, and adoption/surrogacy support.

Employees also have career growth opportunities and access to tuition assistance.

Something must be working. Our CECs continue to earn recognition on best-place-to-work lists — in fact, they earned that designation 22 times in 2018 alone! In 2018 we showed attrition rates at around 20%, which is unheard of in the call center industry, and when last measured, we’d seen a remarkable 95% internal promotion rate in our care organization.

We can’t wait to plant our roots in the Kingsburg area. As others are shuttering facilities and leaving many without jobs, we’re ready to join the community and start building. In order to do that, we need our merger with Sprint to be approved. We’ve made great progress, but we welcome your support here in California.

We want nothing more than to bring you the benefits of a supercharged New T-Mobile — not only job creation I’ve mentioned here, but also rural in-home broadband, new retail stores and more. The possibility of coming to Fresno County and being your neighbor is exciting and we can’t wait to meet you in person.

Mike Sievert is president of T-Mobile, which is based in Bellevue, Washington.