Letters to the Editor

America’s disastrous foreign policy

Twenty-five years ago in Congress, Bernie Sanders denounced the Gulf War approval vote:

“We should make no mistake about it, today is a tragic day for humanity, for the people of Iraq, for the people of the United States and for the United Nations as an institution. It is also a tragic day for the future of our planet … today as we spend billions to wage this war.

“… The action unleashed last night will go strongly against our interests in the Middle East, but the death and destruction caused, will, in my opinion, not be forgotten by the poor people of the Third World and the people of the Middle East in particular.

“I fear that one day we will regret that decision, and that we are in fact laying the groundwork for more and more wars for years to come.”

Perhaps the foolishly wasted trillions of dollars on our many failed wars to date that brought us ISIS could have provided wisely for urgent needs here that Sanders speaks of. After a quarter century, the groundwork laid, with no change in our mindless, egocentric foreign policy, expect more losses.

Elizabeth Sempadian, Fresno