Letters to the Editor

Be careful out there, cyclists

I was driving down Shaw Avenue and told my wife to watch the car in front of us. It weaved onto the double line and over to the single line on the right. My wife exclaimed, “That’s a drunk, driving in the middle of the day.” I told her it wasn’t. The driver had a phone up to her ear.

I don’t believe bicyclists realize the odds they face with distracted drivers coming up behind them. I saw a couple going north on Blackstone Avenue with two of their teenage children with them on bicycles. They pulled out and passed three cars parked in front of my gym. I held my breath as cars going 40 mph pulled up behind them and pushed into the center lane to get around them.

Those parents should have been arrested for child neglect. It is the cyclist’s right to ride on any street, but I implore them to avoid busy streets and please don’t put your children in these hazardous situations. The odds are significantly against you.

Oscar Williams, Fresno