Letters to the Editor

This Democrat backs Olivier

As a registered Democrat, I have rarely crossed party lines when voting.

However, I still vote for the person I consider best for the job. While Clint Olivier and I have had our go-arounds and disagreements over many issues, I have never had occasion to think him anything less than honest and sincere.

Dr. Joaquin Arambula, on the other hand, has not once come through my neighborhood to introduce himself. I have not once heard of him doing anything in or for my area. The one time I got a phone call, it took his team three days to answer a simple question.

He and my party seem to think it’s enough that he has a famous father. My party seems to think that enough negative ad saturation will distract me from the fact that he has no experience in politics outside of growing up watching his father.

Mr. Olivier is the right choice to represent the 31st District, because he’s from here and knows our needs.

He listens and answers honestly. I may not always like the answers, but at least I know it’s the truth.

Which makes Mr. Olivier a rare politician indeed.

Joel Dyer, Fresno