Letters to the Editor

Trump-Clinton match-up is one for the movies

“You’ve Been Trumped” is a documentary film released in 2011. “Scottish landowners try to save a stretch of coastline from Donald Trump’s bulldozers.” His goal was to create a “better” St. Andrews. As if.

The Donald and the little Donald charged in and with fascist tactics, destroyed a natural environmental ecosystem thousands of years in the making. Rendering the natives homeless and calling his human casualties losers, pigs, idiots and stupid as they lost everything.

Trump is a bully of the worst kind. The rich kid in prep school who abuses any of whom he deems “losers” while displaying outrageously immature behaviors, because he is so insecure. Stands to reason why he repeats all of his responses with the same spinning words over and over again. As a confidence man, America is giving him our trust – he is not taking it. “The Art of the Deal.: We’re being Trumped.

For a reality check on Hillary Clinton, I suggest you watch “Primary Colors,” directed by the late, great Mike Nichols. Talk about agendas at any and all costs.

Heaven help us.

Linda Marie, Clovis