Letters to the Editor

Unplug and experience life’s joys

Wake up, parents! Kids need to go “dark.” Let them discover music, bugs, plants and animals. We live next to the most beautiful waterfalls in the world in Yosemite.

Unplug your flock from computers, video games, cell phones, iPads and TV! Let them rediscover what it is like to play baseball, jump rope or jump on a pogo stick. Ride bikes with them, plant a small garden, teach them to cook basic foods, color on a rainy day, write a letter not email, walk a dog that stays in the back yard, go to the park and fly a kite.

Guess what you will discover? They are nicer little people when their brainwaves aren’t interrupted constantly with technology.

Don’t be lazy and just let your kid plug in. Spend time with them and set an example by cutting down on your own gaming and Facebook time.

Carla LaLonde, Coarsegold