Letters to the Editor

Speak civilly in challenging times

I appreciated very much Andrew Fiala’s column “It’s time to speak up, stand up for civility” and also Danielle Shapazian’s piece on the presidential race, calling it “perplexing.”

Perplexing, yes, to say the least. In the same Bee issue (Feb. 27), a letter writer refers to President Obama as an “American Hitler” (absurdity has no boundaries!).

Most disturbing to me is the large group of conservative voters who apparently believe in Trump’s confident assertions and seem unconcerned by his demeaning rhetoric. Like in so many things, we each see a different part of the elephant and fail to see the whole picture.

When we lose our ability to listen and communicate civilly, we lose the opportunity to understand a different perspective and thus discern a truer picture.

It is a sad state of affairs when our preferred mode of communication is to shout so loudly as to drown out all opposing views. Hitler, indeed.

Glena Penner, Reedley