Letters to the Editor

More facts, less sensationalism

Every politician gives stump-speech answers and snipes at opponents. Every television anchor wants exclusive interviews and has “got you” questions. The economy, immigration, national security and foreign policy are the headliners in this political season.

I also know that gravity accelerates at a constant rate of 32 feet per second per second. Continuous reminders of the obvious during a broadcast is insulting even to my diminished IQ.

I care less what David Duke, Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg or Ann Coulter’s political opinions might be or their intentions. Citizens need to hear specific solutions to our growing problems from those who want to lead this nation. Unfortunately, television is compelled by its nature to concentrate on politically correct nonsense and discuss ad nauseum when someone’s sensitivities are bruised.

This approach may satisfy TV’s business model, fill the time blocks and improve ratings. It does little to help the voter paying our country’s freight evaluate the “walking-around sense” needed by every candidate. Give us the facts, and we will decide in the voting booth.

Jim Withycombe, Lemoore