Letters to the Editor

Let’s better manage our water

Re: Old tensions boil over once more in House hearing on California water (online Feb. 24):

Too much water is wasted in California as a result of failed environmental regulations that are supposed to protect endangered fish. For years, federal and state fishery regulations have taken water from farms, cities and businesses to protect the fish. Guess what? It’s not working.

Government surveys claim that the number of Delta smelt is dropping each year, and regulators continue to throw more water at the problem. Isn’t it time that something new is tried to halt the drop in numbers?

This years-long effort of taking water from others and redirecting it to fish is resulting in water shortages. Sure, the drought has played a role in the problem but when the drought is over the regulations will remain. Where is Congress’ oversight on the laws it passes?

Take a look at http://farmwater.org/farm-water-news/water_counter/ to view in real-time the amount of water wasted. This water could provide the annual needs of 3.3 million Californians or produce 9 billion salads. Isn’t it time that change is made to our water-management practices?

Mike Wade, executive director, California Farm Water Coalition, Sacramento