Letters to the Editor

Feinstein and Costa sound like broken records

California Democrats are so predictable, they’re like a broken record playing a bad song over and over. Every election cycle they propose “new” legislation or hype their “prior efforts” to help solve our state’s water-supply crisis.

This time Sen. Dianne Feinstein is proposing “new” legislation that would do nothing to solve the underlying causes of California’s water supply crisis – rigid, scientifically groundless, environmental regulations that so far this year have allowed enough water to flow to the ocean to fill six Millerton lakes, about 3 million acre-feet.

Then there’s Democrat Congressman Jim Costa. In his recent op-ed “Let’s get something done for Valley water,” (Feb. 21) Costa touts his (purported) support of last year’s House legislation HR 2898.

It is ironic that while that House legislation offered real benefits to Valley water supplies and would have helped immensely this year, Democrat Feinstein had a “tiff” and single-handedly killed it in the Senate.

Reviewing their legislative histories shows that neither Feinstein nor Costa can point to anything they’ve ever accomplished to actually improve California’s water-supply problems. But every election cycle, they’re back replaying the same old song.

The Valley can’t afford any more of Feinstein’s or Costa’s broken records.

Lance W. Johnson, Shaver Lake