Letters to the Editor

Stop when the light turns red

Why is it that traffic with the left-turn arrow continues to turn after the light has long gone to red? I recently was almost rear-ended because I actually made a stop at the red arrow.

Last week I saw two elderly people on Shaw Avenue at 2 p.m. almost get hit by a FAX bus. I guess the driver thought “who is going to argue with a bus?” This elderly couple had enough time on their safe green “walk” sign to get to the middle of the street, but the driver didn’t slow down, honk or wait for them to reach the other side.

I usually see three to 10 cars run the red arrow light daily. It doesn’t make any difference if you are in a hurry or not, red is red and that means stop. I see 50 shades of red when I have to wait for you to make your illegal turn on the red arrow because I (we) might be in a hurry, too.

Please drive safely and courteously for all of us.

James Lovell, Fresno