Letters to the Editor

No progress without unions

I taught in Los Angeles for some 30 years, and was a proud member of the American Federation of Teachers and the United Teachers of Los Angeles. Some teachers whined constantly about being “forced” to pay union dues.

But when we won pay raises, reduced class sizes, better health benefits and rights for teachers, I never once saw any of the whiners turn down the benefits the union won for them!

I talked to one of these chaps, and he complained about the union and what it was forcing on the teachers. I mentioned that it was a democratic organization, and asked him if he had even even attended a union meeting to make his voice heard. He hadn’t.

Participating in two strikes cost me a lot of money and energy, but was the only way to make the school board listen. The last one saved 17 jobs at our school, a few of which belonged to the whiners.

God bless the unions!

Harold Warner, Porterville