Letters to the Editor

Cut back on water to protect aquifers

I hope people don’t return to their water-wasting ways now that we have had a couple of minor rain events in the Valley.

Even if we have a great year for precipitation, our water woes are not over. We have been depleting our ground water for decades during dry and wet years, and perhaps we are damaging our underground aquifers beyond recovery. Farmers and urban dwellers need to cut back dramatically from the usage that was taken for granted for too long.

I’m not sure that enough people get it. I noticed my neighbor has just reseeded his lawn, and I recently read that our farmers, despite complaining, have just had a record year. How bad does it have to be before we comprehend?

If you eliminate lawns, you will find that most established plants would survive the winter with little watering. I did not water from November to June last year, and everything survived. I do not have a lawn, but I have a beautiful yard. California will pay $2 per foot to remove your lawn (www.saveourwaterrebates.com). Think about it.

Bill Rovin, Fresno