Letters to the Editor

Hire lawyers for Hanson’s team at Fresno Unified

I appreciate the thoughtful op-ed piece by Walt Buster and Pete Weber (Oct. 19) regarding Fresno Unified and Superintendent Michael Hanson.

All the non-specific, unproven, unfair and spurious allegations that have been raised by individuals and organizations with axes to grind, and yes, even by the media understandably interested in building up an exciting issue, should be put on hold while acknowledgment is given to the need for calm, fairness and patience while the investigation runs its course. Any findings arising from the investigation should be dealt with openly and fairly.

Top administrators have requested the board to hire attorneys for them. Hiring a defense attorney during a criminal investigation is not an admission of guilt. It is prudent and sensible and avoids any potential conflict of interest. In the case of the three Fresno Unified administrators involved in such an investigation, the Board of Trustees should make the reasonable decision and employ such attorneys as permitted by California Education Code since (1) these employees were working within the scope of their employment; (2) providing a defense is in the best interests of the district; (3) the employees acted in good faith in the apparent interests of the district.

Francine M. Farber, Fresno