Letters to the Editor

Clean energy creates jobs

I wish to address points put forth by Michael Freeman in his letter, “Green energy costs jobs” (Oct. 11). As 97 percent of climate scientists have been warning us, global CO2 levels continue to rise from the burning of fossil fuels, which are heating the planet and creating melting glaciers, extreme weather and ocean acidification. Clearly, we need to drastically reduce fossil-fuel emissions and promote clean energy alternatives.

Mr. Freeman criticizes Germany for the “unreliability” of its renewables and its “erratic energy availability” leading to “high unemployment.” Germany’s unemployment rate (4.5 percent) is better than that of its neighbors in the European Union. Germany meets 78 percent of its electricity demand with renewable sources, exceeding the previous record of 74 percent set in May of 2014.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s proposal for a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend is designed to give all revenues collected from pricing carbon emissions back to American households. A study by Regional Economic Models, Inc. shows that the CCL proposal will sharply reduce CO2 levels and add 2.8 million jobs in 20 years by promoting clean energy.

Ted Hamilton, Atascadero