Letters to the Editor

It’s whole new, wonderful digital world at the DMV

I recently received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew my license and was told I would have to take a written test to do so. I groaned! It has been many years since I ventured into the DMV, and I remembered what an ordeal it was. Long lines, long waits and unpleasant clerks.

The first thing I found was that I could go online and make an appointment that was convenient to me on a well-thought out Web site. When I arrived for my appointment this morning, I discovered that things had changed! I was directed to an open window, had my thumbprint recorded electronically, signed a form, read the eye chart and paid my fee. Elapsed time, five minutes.

Then I went to the next station, where my photo was taken and I was sent to a terminal where I took the test (with instant feedback) on a touch-screen computer. Elapsed time, 10 minutes. I checked in, was given a temporary license to use until the real one arrives in about three weeks and left. Total time, 15 minutes!

Friendly staff too! Thanks, DMV, for a very pleasant experience!

Jim Schlievert, Fresno