Letters to the Editor

Congress should pass Gibson Resolution

Nine years ago, California legislators had the wisdom and courage to pass a landmark climate change bill – the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32). Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed it, and four years later, California voters decisively defeated a proposition to suspend it.

Last week, thanks to Andrea Castillo’s article in the Oct. 7 Bee, we learned that the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will support a local project to convert food and agricultural waste to biomethane, “a low greenhouse gas-emitting fuel.” This local program will annually divert more than 65,000 tons of carbon dioxide because of California’s determination to apply global-warming solutions.

Now we need California’s congressional representatives to promote federal action on climate change. For starters, they can sign the Republican-authored Gibson Resolution (House Resolution 424). This non-binding resolution recognizes the government’s responsibility to deal with climate change, which the resolution says will “saddle future generations with costly economic and environmental burdens.”

By signing onto the Gibson Resolution, the Valley’s representatives will show true leadership on the great issue of our time.

Ruth Afifi, Fresno