Letters to the Editor

Why aren’t Christians in charge anymore?

When I was growing up, I would hear people ask other people, “Who died and made you God?”

How sad it is that our society, led by the liberals, have now decided that they know better than God. They tell us a fetus is now a choice and not a life. They tell us God trapped you in a body with the chromosomes of the wrong gender, so just change it. They tell us the Biblical definition of marriage is archaic, and God must have been wrong.

This week Gov. Brown, who professed at one time to being a Roman Catholic, now has proudly signed into law the assisted-suicide act because they tell us that we and not God, have the right to determine our exit dates. They will call it a choice.

In one generation, the secularists/progressives have pushed God out of society. Those same people tell the children to not pray in schools, they tell folks to tear down crosses and monuments depicting the Ten Commandments, they object to publicly celebrating Christmas as a Christian holiday, threaten lawsuits and send in hoards of lawyers to fight us.

Then they have the nerve to call Christians intolerant bigots.

Bill Atwood, Bass Lake