Letters to the Editor

CUSD’s strict dress code

I am a student in Clovis Unified School District and I would like to know why I have been harassed, punished and been denied my education repeatedly for simply being a man with long hair.

I want to know what is so fundamentally wrong with men who have long hair that the dress code specifically bans it. I want to know why girls can have short or long hair but men are forced to have short hair.

I want to know why the CUSD dress code is so extraordinarily strict despite the fact it is a public school. I want to know why students and teachers regularly call for policy change, yet the only thing done in many years was allowing students to wear shorts year-around.

I have so many more questions to ask, but registration is in a couple hours and I have to find a way to get my hair in dress code compliance.

William Pleasant, Clovis