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Is Trump a racist? Letters to the editor, Aug. 23, 2019

President Donald Trump speaks at the American Veterans (AMVETS) 75th National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019.
President Donald Trump speaks at the American Veterans (AMVETS) 75th National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019. AP

Not right to call Trump a racist

In response to Patrick MacMillan, who stated that “we all know Donald Trump is a racist.” No, Mr. MacMillan, I do not know that. Only God knows what’s in his heart. I’m assuming your evidence of that is his insistence that those who want to come to this country (as all of our ancestors did), do so legally; or maybe because he wants those who come from countries that house terrorists to be fully vetted to prevent attacks here; or is it because he expects immigrants to this country to become American in spirit and appreciate and support this great country in which we live. Those who personally know the president insist he’s color blind when it comes to skin color. Ask Dr. Ben Carson. The word “racist” is being used to attack anyone with whose views one doesn’t agree.

Mr. MacMillan, all lives matter, but since you specifically mention black lives, have you looked at employment statistics recently? Unemployment among black Americans has decreased in less than 3yrs to the lowest point in generations.

I’m not denying there was, and to a much lesser degree, still is racial discrimination. We are not defined by our ancestors as Mr. MacMillan suggests. Not all blacks were slaves, and many fought in both the Revolutionary War and for the north in the Civil War. Italians, Jews, Chinese and Japanese also faced discrimination, and now it seems Christians are facing those same challenges. The devil lurks in all of us and we need to appreciate each other’s qualities and overlook the faults.

Kathy Miller, Fresno

Comrade, who will you vote for?

As informed and responsible voters, we read all of the president’s tweets, and we diligently try to make sense of the Democratic presidential debates.

Surprisingly, there is an important question that none of the candidates for president have addressed yet.

Who is Russia voting for this time around?

Fred Oakes, Fresno

Drain the swamp or switch animals?

Is Trump really a racist? He’s not a classical one like George Lincoln Rockwell, Connie Lynch or Gerald L.K. Smith. They were men with a hate for anyone perceived to be worthless because of their religion or skin color. That was their sickness.

He’s worse. POTUS is a fake racist.

His comments aren’t made out of patriotism. They are a cynical, untruthful means of solidifying his base through fear. He desires to construct an alternative reality in which his is the only voice. We can already see the results, with the increase of lone wolf attacks by deranged shooters. They think they are getting approval from the highest office.

I say to his supporters — you’ve been bamboozled. You’ve been fed untruths. You’ve been lied to.

We have a year and a half to excise this cancer. I hope the Democrats put up a decent candidate, but I don’t trust them. Maybe its time to vote for a serious third party so we can really drain the swamp instead of simply changing the animals.

Stephen Pendleton, Visalia

Good to have right Yosemite names

One must realize the importance of regional identification. It involves the history, culture, heritage, ethnic diversity, industry as well as all assets the region has to offer. This concept was reinforced as for nine years I volunteered at the Visitors Center in the Water Tower in downtown Fresno.

It was with great pleasure to read of the restoration of our place names regarding Yosemite and surrounding area. Our Native American friends should be pleased that part of their identity has been restored. The late Huell Howser would have also been pleased.

If I heard right, this attack on our identity was concocted by corporate America with East Coast conglomerates. If so, I would suggest that Cape Cod become Cape Majestic, that Cony Island be renamed Nathan’s Boardwalk and the Statue of Liberty be referred to as the Colossus of New York Harbor.

This lack of proper identification has even trickled down to the high school level. Take Madera Ranchos. Liberty High? Why not Madera Ranchos High or Rancho Madera High or simply El Rancho High? Liberty tells me nothing. What Liberty High? Where? Is it Liberty High Bakersfield or Brentwood or elsewhere?

Watching the CIF state football playoffs, the name Liberty kept appearing. Finally it was identified as Brentwood, the northern representative of that division. Brentwood is on the map. Please identify yourselves!

Fred W. Fitchhorn, Clovis

There’s nutrition found in nutria

Years ago the Louisiana Department of Fish and Game gave away thousands of copies of their official nutria recipe book. What a treasure! Jewels like “Nutria in Cream and Okra Casserole,” and “Mee Maw’s Cajun Nutria Gumbo — oysters optional” entertained many a zoology class.

Nutria is nutritious. It’s got 25% more protein, less than half the cholesterol, and only 4% of the fat that beef contains. I don’t know that California nutria is safe to eat, but you can buy Louisiana nutria on the internet. It’s got to be safe — everything on the internet is safe, right?

David Grubbs, Fresno

Racial nationalism rising in America?

In the 1920s, the German Christian Faith Movement began to unite around the issues of nationalism, ethnicity and anti-Semitism. This was the group that in 1933, when Hitler came to power, took the Nazi ideology and ran with it. They successfully combined Christianity with Nazi National Socialism and partnered with the Nazis to exclude those deemed to be impure, which was everyone but the Aryan race.

They did this by making significant changes to bring it in line with Nazi racial ideology. Instead of classifying people on the basis of their faith, as Protestants have always done, they classified people by their racial heritage, as the Nazis did. This, along with the policies of the Fuhrer, fueled widespread national violence. So, a majority of the church married Christianity and nationalism. The white Aryan race was privileged, all people of color were inferior, and the Jewish people in particular were vilified and viewed in German publications as rats.

Can you draw parallels to today’s America? Is this déjà vu? My former college history professor once said, “The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.” I pray by the grace of God that he was wrong.

Gene Harvey, Fresno

Mass shootings call for unity

The events in El Paso (Texas) and Dayton(Ohio) were horrifying and my condolences go out to all the victims and families.

What also horrifies me is how quickly Beto O’Rourke pounced on the situation to present his political spin on the tragedy and place the blame on President Trump! The families have not even had time to process the horror and loss while Beto was furthering his own agenda.

I sincerely wish that both parties could somehow simply put aside their differences for just a moment and figure out how to prevent this senseless loss of life that is spreading like a cancer, without having to blame each other or using it to promote more hatred and polarization.

Bill Matuse, Clovis

Dyer’s legacy can be hats for cops

On a recent Saturday, I was at a gas station in the late afternoon when police responded to a violent situation. They were hatless, and soon they were bright red and sweat poured off their heads into their eyes. They did their duty with professionalism, all the time drenched in sweat.

An hour later, I called 9-1-1 from a nearby parking lot because of a possible issue with an open car and a child. The officer who trotted over from the previous call was now completely drenched, and his head was sunburned.

Imagine my shock to learn that officers cannot protect their head from Fresno's scorching rays unless they buy a $300 wide-brimmed campaign hat that does not breathe or fit in their lockers, or can be worn while driving. A baseball-style uniform hat has been outlawed for their use.

Why are those charged with our protection not allowed to protect themselves against sunburn and skin cancer? Jerry Dyer, before you leave office, leave behind a new regulation that every cop will gratefully remember to your credit. Change the idiotic dress code — caps for our cops, please!

Isabelle Reuter, Fresno