Letters to the Editor

Kaepernick and Nike: Letters to the editor, July 8, 2019

Colin Kaepernick’s Nike advertisement on top of a building in Union Square, San Francisco.
Colin Kaepernick’s Nike advertisement on top of a building in Union Square, San Francisco. TNS

Kaepernick should go live overseas

I would take Mr. Kaepernick’s criticism of America more seriously if he was making his declarations after moving abroad. Like so many others who dislike this country but yet will not leave, it is just noise. Mr. Kaepernick, this country made you rich, you should show some gratitude.

Oscar M. Ramirez, Fresno

Historic mural and snowflake sensibilities

“...removing monuments, changing names of buildings, streets,etc, Betsy Ross flag offensive...” This sentence has no end.

Now a WPA mural in San Francisco is deemed offensive to snowflake sensitivities. History happened, it is a narrative of events, a chronicle of a place or nation. Learn from history, do not eliminate it. Perhaps snowplow parents want states, towns, streets etc just given numbers or A, B, C, etc. Will history textbooks become blank pages?

Look at the past and admire the changes we have made. Know from where we started and use the knowledge of it to make sensible changes. You cannot have a top without a bottom, no up without a down, no present without a past. The only possible perfection is a 360-degree circle.

Ann Pardini, Fresno

Fireworks and problems they make

We are so patriotic when we have a big party and shoot off all kinds of fireworks, you have family, friends and neighbors who had a great time — except for the combat vet who had a flash back and or went into a PTSD episode, or the pets that freak out from all the explosions that are not safe and sane fireworks.

Now I don’t want to sound unpatriotic or against fun with family and friends, but when you set off the illegal fireworks that scare veterans and animals, you are not patriotic — you are breaking the law in Fresno. You are not in any way anything but a criminal at that time. You are guilty of animal cruelty.

Some will say I’m out of line and unpatriotic, but if you saw my little Ellie last night, you’d be as mad as I am at my neighbors, or should I say the criminal that live by me!

Any questions? Wake up America!

Dana Bobbitt, Fresno