Letters to the Editor

Migrant camps: Letters to the editor, July 2, 2019

Migrants seeking asylum, including children, are held in a temporary transition area under the Paso Del Norte bridge in El Paso, Texas, in March 2019.
Migrants seeking asylum, including children, are held in a temporary transition area under the Paso Del Norte bridge in El Paso, Texas, in March 2019. TNS

Migrant camps a national disgrace

The Associated Press recently reported that at least 250 migrant infants, children and teenagers have been locked up for nearly a month without adequate food, water or sanitation at a Border Patrol station near El Paso, Texas. Lawyers who visited the facility described a scene of chaos and sickness, malnourishment and filth. It is unknown how many of these children have died.

According to the Flores agreement, by law, these people who have come here legally seeking asylum from violence in their home countries are to be resettled within 72 hours. They have done nothing wrong or illegal. The majority of these children came with family, but have been separated by the government. There are reports of young children taking care of infants, some sleeping on concrete in the cold with no blankets, and others in dog cages with inadequate food and water provided. The Trump administration continues to break the law in its dealings with these families. This is just one more reason why Trump needs to be impeached.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are doing nothing and allowing Trump’s lawlessness to continue. Call or visit your representative and senators, demand impeachment and tell them that this lawlessness cannot continue.

Stephen Sacks, Fresno

AOC’s uninformed rantings offend

AOC has done it again! She is letting her ignorance, youth and liberalism show big time. She is now comparing the holding centers on the Mexican border to Nazi concentration camps.

I realize that she is young and has no firsthand knowledge of the camps. I was just a young girl during that time, but I read in the paper and heard on the news at the Saturday matinees the horrors of the camps. Even though I was only about 8 years old at the time, I was brought to tears at the atrocities that were committed against the Jewish people by the Nazis. Surgical experiments were even committed. It was horrible and something that I hope will never be done to a race of people again.

The illegals at the border are living at The Ritz in comparison! I would suggest that AOC resign from Congress and return to what she knows best — bartending. We are all tired of hearing her immature, uninformed rantings.

Bonnie Lindgren, Kingsburg

Forget immigrants, help homeless

There were a couple of articles on June 22 in The Fresno Bee regarding funding from the state to help illegal immigrants. One stated that 4.5 billion in American dollars was for humanitarian aid and “not for political reasons.” This would be federal money to help the poor destitute people stuck at the American border.

The other article stated that the city of Fresno was to fund an immigraant affairs committee in the amount of 300 million American dollars. Soria and Arias from the City Council stated the monies were to support the immigrant community in order to establish a legal defense fund for immigrants facing deportation.

I say we have poor destitute homeless people here in Fresno that could use some help with housing, food, and medical attention.

Some of these homeless persons in Fresno are even Vietnam veterans that need assistance both psychologically and physically. Councilperson Soria has stated she would like to help the homeless community. I suggest that she use common sense in her decisions.

Eduardo Martinez, Fresno

On black lives and health care

What is wrong with my assemblyman when he takes health coverage for himself, but then denies it to undocumented Californians . Gov. Gavin Newsom and the majority of our state legislators are more compassionate and true Christians than my legislator.

When will the other mega-churches in Fresno join the Unitarian/Universalist Church of Fresno and put up a sign that “Black Lives Matter?” Love and support for our black brothers and sisters should be a united effort. It would be a great start to eliminating racism in our community.

Raymond Ensher, Fresno