Letters to the Editor

Arambula case: Letters to the editor, Monday, May 13

Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula listens to opening statements with his attorneys Margarita Martinez-Baly, left, and Michael Aed, Friday, May 3, 2019, misdemeanor child abuse trial, in Superior Court.
Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula listens to opening statements with his attorneys Margarita Martinez-Baly, left, and Michael Aed, Friday, May 3, 2019, misdemeanor child abuse trial, in Superior Court. Fresno Bee file

Arambula case: no easy answers

Surely society can find a better way to handle possible child abuse cases than the current brouhaha in a Fresno County court. Regardless of outcome, this family will be scarred forever.

Young children do not lie, but are largely incapable of separating truth from suggestion no matter the skill in questioning. Putting children on a public witness stand is inexcusable. Likewise forcing a father to make such a choice in lieu of a plea deal if he feels innocent is counterproductive.

No one except the participants will ever completely know in such cases if aggravation produced a one time or routine over-reaction, or if appropriate punishment. Respectable people can misbehave horribly behind the scenes. Some people bruise more easily, often without remembered cause. In other words, a myriad of considerations are involved.

All this to emphasize that society must find a better way of protecting children. Making it all the more difficult for we lay folk to understand this case is the clearance of the father by Child Protective Services, yet law enforcement decided otherwise. It becomes even more questionable with a prominent citizen defendant of opposite political party charged, but a video of a school board member attacking a student on a high school campus being insufficient evidence to charge. Indeed, there are no easy answers.

Ruth M. Gadebusch, Fresno

Focus on the real needs of the nation

How long will the people of this great country have to wait before the idiots we send to Washington finally end the Trump-Russia TV show?

America has many problems that need attention, such as infrastructure repair, inequality and health care. Meanwhile both political parties are fighting over which pieces of paper are ripe for revealing the inner workings of the Trump madhouse and lies by his lawyers. We must urge speaker Pelosi to start impeachment proceedings immediately. That will allow the committee legal access to all of Trump’s doings.

The people of other countries must be shaking their heads or laughing at the antics of our government officials as they grope in the darkness for clues. Nothing is being done to fix our more pressing problems, like bridges collapsing and broken roads. Homelessness is increasing and many can’t afford to see a doctor.

Democrats in Congress have a chance to meet our problems if they would limit their obsession with an unfit president and his lying bootlickers. They will all be gone after 2020.

David Des Roches, Fresno

Praise for a letter that was on point

Were I a bad guy leader and needed a press secretary/strategist, I hire Bill Warner! College professors stand in awe, shed tears of joy. You can’t teach what he spouts! His letter (The Bee, May 6, “CIA must be behind Venezuelan crisis”) is so on point; so well written; he could play left field for the Yankees; be governor of California; and ride Pipeline deeper than Jerry Lopez. He could be the Democratic answer to Trump.

Michael Schiebelhut, Visalia

Stone Soup program is good

I am writing to you on behalf of Stone Soup Fresno, as a volunteer. Stone Soup is a non-profit organization that offers day-care services to low-income families. Some additional services include the preschool program and the play-group program. The preschool program prepares children for kindergarten in a safe and stimulating environment. Moreover, the play-group program encourages parents to come to class with their children and learn alongside their child. The services offered extend all year long, through the summer and winter. Additionally, Stone Soup Fresno is located near Fresno State, within walking distance, making it accessible to Fresno State students while being affordable.

The foundation of Stone Soup was to help Southeast Asian refugee children to progress within the American culture. Today, Stone Soup offers its services to all students. Students and adults can also volunteer at Stone Soup for community service. Stone Soup is also really flexible with a volunteer’s schedule.

Maiyer Vue, Fresno