Letters to the Editor

Shocked by Brusseau: Letters to the editor, April 27, 2019

Commissioner Terra Brusseau apologizes at the Fresno Housing Authority Board meeting Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in Fresno.
Commissioner Terra Brusseau apologizes at the Fresno Housing Authority Board meeting Tuesday, April 23, 2019 in Fresno. Fresno Bee file

Shocked by Brusseau’s comments

I was really surprised by Terra Bruseau's take on why the Housing Authority should not consider a Clovis housing project. She was concerned about the children living in those homes attending Garfield school, which she characterized as a majority white school.

I remember attending Garfield Elementary School when it was a two-room school. I remember we had two Hispanic families, our fathers had small farms. There were also Japanese students, Native Americans, Armenians, Italians, and a number of what Mrs. Bruseau would describe as white students. A few were well off and a lot more were poor white students who were coming from Oklahoma at the time. And guess what, Mrs. Bruseau? As far as I know we turned out to be good, working, tax-paying citizens.

I really believe that to make America great again we need to recapture the ideal that America was founded on. That refuge for the poor, the different, the brilliant and the not so bright, we will afford freedom and justice for all.

I was shocked to hear a public servant from the great and democratic state of California expressing herself in such a manner.

Bernice Requenez, Fresno

Proposed bill not reason for divide

Recently presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker stated that United States Senate Bill 311, entitled the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” was designed to “create schisms and differences” between Americans.

First of all, this nation has been deeply divided long before this bill was ever conceived.

The real reason SB 311 was introduced is the same reason all pro-life legislation has ever been introduced: To protect victims.

There is likely to be much more pro-life legislation introduced in legislatures throughout our land for the simple reason that every time that happens, more focus is placed on the abortion issue. And we in the pro-life movement are confident that the more people take an honest look at this issue, it clearly benefits our side.

Brad Taylor, Fresno

What would Jesus do if homeless?

I do not have a solution to the homeless problem in Fresno. Neither does anyone else, especially the politicians and paid staff of charities. Politicians just want the homeless to go away. We don’t see them; they don’t exist. Charity staff want to solve the problem, their way. They have rules and standards from which they do not deviate. The homeless person who doesn’t go by their rules is out of luck, but staff still collect their salaries. The Bee’s video has a business owner complaining that security cameras caught a driver giving money out the car window, then entering the business as a customer. Still the owner complained.

Are these service providers heartless? I think not. I think they all want a neat world where they are in charge. Maybe some citizens can’t or won’t help them. OK. Just don’t hurt them. Don’t see them as enemies. They are humans. I am fond of asking, WWJD? Jesus was homeless and his food was all donated. He never worked for it. If Jesus were here, would he get some cardboard out of a dumpster, borrow a marker, and make a sign?

Wayland Bryant Jackson, Fresno

Beyond Trump to next great leader

Supporters of Donald Trump often say his opponents “hate him more than they love our country.” I emphatically assure them that nothing could be further from the truth. My love for this country remains fierce, boundless, and unassailable, and no one, especially Donald Trump, will ever cause me to love it less.

It is precisely this deep and abiding love that causes profound heartache when I see or hear him speak. I am embarrassed and saddened, realizing his image and words are projected throughout the world.

I recall with nostalgia the presidencies of John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, who governed with strength and firmness, but also followed the tenets of the Golden Rule and emanated humanity, kindness, dignity, and humility. While not perfect, they inspired hope and a sense of invincibility and pride, and were presidents whom we could respect and uphold as role models to our children.

I am hopeful that our next president will possess similar attributes and will reclaim the respect and esteem this country richly deserves, and I await the joyful day when our beautiful, glorious America will once again be the “shining city on a hill” we all so dearly love.

Marti Nicely, Fresno