Letters to the Editor

Trump tax records: Letters to the editor, April 23, 2019

President Donald Trump speaks at an Opportunity Zone conference at the White House in Washington, April 17, 2019.
President Donald Trump speaks at an Opportunity Zone conference at the White House in Washington, April 17, 2019. The New York Times

Keep tax records in private hands

Some of the people are still harping about seeing President Donald Trump’s tax records. Why, because he was a millionaire before he became president? We do not need to see tax records of millionaires who become politicians — we need to see tax records of politicians who become millionaires.

Tax records are the personal business of each individual. I don’t want to see anyone’s tax records, because I don’t care what anyone reports on their taxes. Tax records are the individual’s own private business and no one else’s.

Pat Rose, Fresno

Nunes, Bee locked in sniping battle

The dispute between Congressman Devin Nunes and The Fresno Bee reminds me of two adolescents sniping at each other on a junior high school playground. The Bee is determined to drive Nunes out of office, while Nunes is determined to drive The Bee out of business.

The Bee is on a smear campaign to connect and discredit Nunes, through guilt by association, to a sleazy yacht party, and Nunes is engaged in a worthless lawsuit which he will probably lose. As well, The Bee has targeted Nunes mostly because of his support for President Trump, and ignores the honor of a hometown representative holding one of the most important offices in Congress. Both sides claim to own the “truth,” and, like spoiled children, neither is willing to back down an inch.

So the comic-tragic drama goes on in anticipation of future episodes. Stay tuned.

Lawrence Parmeter, Fresno

Fictionalized divisions not helpful

I normally am not a television watcher, but one recent Monday night found myself watching “The Resident” on Fox. The show was very moving and well done. My concern was the way the show revealed racist doctors.

If I were black, I would be fuming after watching this far-from-reality TV series. This is a way to divide us as human beings and we do not need any more media doing this to us.

I work at the library and feel I have my hand on the pulse of society. I never see this kind of separation within the people. All patrons, whatever color, show compassion, concern and respect toward one another. We need to stop paying attention to this kind of hate tactic.

Donna Renner, Fresno

Most river water flows to the ocean

On Feb. 22nd I attended a seminar at Fresno State with the Public Policy Institute of California. Both Ellen Hanik and Alvar Escriva-Bou shared with the crowd that agriculture uses 80-90% of all the captured water in central California. What they failed to mention are flows out the Delta.

During the week of Feb 18-22 there was as much as 260,000 cubic feet per second flowing out the Delta in a 48-hour period. The state and federal pumps in that 48 hours pumped approx. 19,000 cubic feet per second south of the Delta. That’s only 7% of the total flow during those two days. The 80-90% is of the 7% pumped! These statistics don't account for all the lost water to the ocean. California agriculture is not taking all the water. The ocean is.

Steve Malanca, Fresno