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Nunes’ lawsuits: Letters to the editor, April 19, 2019

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, has sued Twitter as well as The Fresno Bee and McClatchy Co. for alleged defamation.
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, has sued Twitter as well as The Fresno Bee and McClatchy Co. for alleged defamation. AP file

Easy to claim libel, hard to prove

As a retired editor, I know that even the threat of a libel suit over alleged false articles can incur attorney’s fees and can make management nervous. But during my 25 years at a Connecticut newspaper, no public official actually followed up those threats with legal action because (1) the articles were accurate; (2) court precedent offered us protection; (3) the court costs can be prohibitive; and (4) here’s a big one — the plaintiffs could not face being deposed or testifying under oath.

Congressman Nunes may issue threats, but I wonder whether as plaintiff he will actually leave himself open to any questioning under oath by a lawyer for the McClatchy Co. The legal fees would be expensive for the newspapers, but just picture a lawyer for The Bee having the opportunity to bombard Nunes with questions involving his personal and personal life. Mr. Nunes, are you sure you have nothing to hide?

Have you noticed that President Trump continually announces he is going to sue someone but never goes to court? Think of all the lawyers and reporters drooling to get him under oath.

Murray Farber, Fresno

Nunes needs to show up just once

Dear Rep. Nunes: I have been trying for months to communicate with your office concerning vital issues in our Central Valley. As one of your constituents, I am concerned about many issues that affect us, including immigration, the treatment of DACA students, air pollution, climate change, global warming and schools. No one ever personally answers the phone. When I try to leave a message, the mailbox will not take any more messages.

I affirm your right to sue Twitter and the news media if they have mistreated you. You may pursue that. However, you seem to be more interested in that than you are in representing our district. Your incumbency is not endangered by those who criticize you, it’s threatened by the fact that you blatantly refuse to listen to us.

If you want to pursue your lawsuits, either because you are thin skinned or want to following your mentor President Trump who will sue at the drop of a hat, then please resign from your seat in the House of Representatives so that someone can fill that position who will listen to us, even if they don’t always agree with us. Follow your dreams, if that is what they are, but don’t stand in the way of our dreams of a fairer and more just Central Valley. Just think how much more effective you could be in your job if you took the time it’s taking to sue the media to hold just one town hall.

I would love your response and interest in my concerns, but I very much doubt that I will hear from you or your staff since you’ve never responded before.

James Lindgren, Clovis

Prisoners protected, unborn aborted

I find it ironic that Belva Quattrin’s letter (The Bee, April 11), in which she quoted C. S. Lewis, who in so many words stated that thoroughly corrupted people believe they are doing good, was placed directly above John V. Gerardi’s opinion piece on how corrupt the California Legislature has become.

Gerardi reported on a new bill to provide “medication abortion” at eight to 10 weeks of pregnancy. A fetus at this age has a beating heart, eyes, legs, feet, arms, hands and a working brain. To abort such a child is not without risk to the mother, as 22 women have died and over 4,000 have had serious health issues resulting from this form of “birth control.”

Our liberal legislators, led by our new governor, want to protect the precious lives of those on death row who have comitted henous crimes, while declaring war on our unborn children, who are the most innocent of all.

Lewis was right! The completely corrupted believe they are doing good, while they are killing the innocent and harboring the guilty! May God have mercy on us!

Rodney J. Nidever, Fresno

Yet another election expense

Hey Steverino (Steve Brandau), congratulations on moving up the political hack ladder. It’ll be terrific for the county to have another fiscal “watchdog” baying at the moon. Maybe the first issue you tackle could be how the county will pay the $140,000 bill for the special election to fill your unexpired term.

Jim Doyle, Fresno