Letters to the Editor

Nunes sues The Bee: Letters to the editor, April 16, 2019

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, during a hearing in Washington, D.C.
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, during a hearing in Washington, D.C. Fresno Bee file

Bravo given for Nunes’ lawsuit

Bravo! for Nunes! Finally someone is standing up to your disgusting distortions. For The Fresno Bee to characterize its coverage of congressman Nunes as “aggressive” is baloney. It was viscous! This is not a First Amendment issue. It is one of fundamental values ... of mutual trust and integrity ... both of which the Fresno Bee lacks.

Jim Spitze, Sanger

Maybe everyone should sue Nunes

Looks like Rep. Devin Nunes has flipped his lid ... again.

Small wonder his district never sees him. He spends all his time suing the free press and going to Celtics games. Oh, and tending to his Iowa cows. Pssh. Is this why you were sent to Congress, Devin?

Hey, I know! Let’s all post remarks about Devin Nunes. That way, when he sues us all, maybe we’ll finally get to see him!

Tim S. McGlasson, Visalia

How to get menial jobs done

Reliable minimum wage workers are getting harder to find. Lots of these folks get government benefits and a full-time job actually decreases their net income. Getting benefits and working for cash “undeclared” works for them.

Liberal Democrats support this because they tend to vote Democratic. However, we need to get simple repetitive jobs done so that the taxable business can keep going. These businesses support those on benefits, through the taxes they pay.

So how do you get these simple jobs done? Robots. Robots work 24-7 and are nonunion. Jobs done, taxes paid. Voters happy. Democrats happy. So, what happens when wind and solar can’t keep the robots’ batteries charged? Shutdown. Robots get a break. They like it. They get a union. Now they get registered to vote. Robots voting? Oh, we already have that.

Bill Hoffrage, Madera

A honest person helps out

Today I was in Costco at Blackstone and Herndon (in Fresno) and at one point I put my purse to the side while trying something, and then proceeded to the next thing, forgetting to take the purse with me. When deciding to go to the check-out I discovered I did not have a purse anymore. Ran around to try to find it but to no avail, and then a dash to “lost and found” where somebody had turned it in..

Pure agony for a while, wanted to give the guy who handed it to me a hug, but he said “it was not me,” so to the person who turned it in, a huge thank you! On the way home I thanked this person until I got home and was so grateful an honest person took care of things for me. I hope he or she find this letter in The Bee. A hug to you from afar.

Vicki Landgren, Fresno