Letters to the Editor

Nunes lawsuit: Letters to the editor, April 15, 2019

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, has sued both The Fresno Bee and its owner, McClatchy Co., and Twitter for alleged defamation.
Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Tulare, has sued both The Fresno Bee and its owner, McClatchy Co., and Twitter for alleged defamation. AP

Hopes Nunes succeeds in Bee suit

In regards to Rep. (Devin) Nunes’ lawsuit against you and your parent company for defamation, I respectfully hope that he is successful.

Traditional journalistic standards are to be “fair and balanced,” outlining a stories pro’s and con’s, especially if it pertains to anyone of current interest. Sadly, journalistic standards in America have been dashed upon the rocks of political correctness, identity politics and political ideology. The Bee has failed it’s duty to maintain such traditions.

Yes, the 1st Amendment requires a free press, but today our press is not free of it’s own elitism and self-righteousness.

Just remember, innuendo and gossip, is not “news”! It’s just “junk gossip.”

So, Fresno Bee, find yourself reporters who are true journalists who “report the news” ... and do not make the news.

James Henry, Fresno

Bee favors student athletes over rest

In the same week that President Trump declared an emergency over the border wall, The Fresno Bee declared its own state of emergency, this one concerning the Fresno State athletic department scholarship fund. Stating that the need is dire and totally necessary in order to save the athletic programs, it urged all residents, alumni, and friends to give to support this grave situation.

The Bee’s declaration ignores the fact that for years now, thousands of nonathletic Fresno State students have seen the cost of their tuition, fees, and books double or even triple. Many are struggling to stay in school, and they are on average graduating almost two years behind what they should be, if they can graduate at all due to impacted classes and underfunded academic and vocational programs. Yet The Bee won’t declare an emergency to help these students and programs. Athletics, of course, always comes first. The Bee decries Trump’s wall, but it’s determined to build its own wall between a few privileged athletes and the rest of the students at Fresno State, and its position is clear: make the students stay on the other side and suffer.

Lawrence Parmeter, Fresno

Citizenship Q on census is OK

There seems to be concerns about the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census. Some are objecting to being asked the question, “Are you a citizen of the United States?” Is there a fear of losing voting rights or rights to government aid?

In a recent article in The Bee (Feb. 15) David G. Savage of the Los Angeles Times stated that questions of citizenship have not be asked since 1950. That is incorrect. In the 1990 census, where I was an enumerator, there were three questions relating to citizenship status: 1. In what state or foreign country were you born? 2. Are you a citizen of the United States? That is, do you have at least one American parent or are you a citizen by naturalization? 3. When did you come to the United States to stay?

Is it wrong to ask these questions? I think not, unless you have something to hide. I say, ask the question!

David Ursenbach, Fresno

Hypocritical for U.S. to close border

It is the height of hypocrisy for the United States to close off the southern border to immigrants from Central and South America. The United States government has been spending the last 65 years destabilizing the area —overthrowing democratically elected governments, providing military and financial support to right-wing terrorist organizations, supporting drug cartels. Most countries are inhabitable.

So who are we to say “no” to these people looking for a better life?

James Kalomiris, Fresno