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Arambula case: Letters to the editor, Jan. 12, 2019

Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula discusses misdemeanor child abuse charges Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018 in Fresno.
Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula discusses misdemeanor child abuse charges Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018 in Fresno. Fresno Bee file

Ironies in the law confound him

You can choose to have a doctor kill and dismember your daughter in the womb if you do not want her to be born. But if you choose to let her live and spank her for bad behavior, you will be arrested for cruelty.

We have lost our conscience. God have mercy.

Marvin Friesen, Fresno

Correct discipline teaches a child

Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula has been arrested for misdemeanor child abuse for spanking his 7-year-old daughter on her bottom (Dec. 13). He stated that he did it to discipline her as a last resort, which he does in his home perhaps once a year.

Based on our experience with our three children, who are now professionals and parents themselves, Mr. Arambula made two mistakes. I am not criticizing his use of spanking, because spanking has been used successfully for centuries to teach discipline to children. It is even biblically supported.

No, his mistakes were methodological. Firstly, he should have established with his daughter from an early age, that defiance and disobedience will not be tolerated and will have consequences. Spanking should not be a “last” resort, but our first and only method of teaching obedience. If it is done immediately when needed, there will be no excess emotion present. Spanking is not done to injure the child but to bring a momentary sting as a consequence of her choice. Then the child is to be comforted and held and talked to, at which time the reason for the spanking is explained. It is because the child is loved.

The second aspect is to return to the issue that triggered the negative response in the first place, to teach the importance of obedience. If the child again refuses to follow directions, she should be asked if she wants to have a spanking over this. If she decides to continue to defiant, the process is without emotion done again, until she gets the point. Our daughter needed only one day to get the point and never needed to be disciplined again. Our boys needed more.

I wish Mr. Arambula and his wife much success and patience in his difficult task of raising his daughter. With much love and consistency they will have much success. Discipline done correctly is never abuse, but training.

Ridney J. Nidever, Fresno

Even Donald Trump to shall pass

I’ve felt the terror building, and the disdain. Two years of waiting for the other shoe. And then it turns out he is just a silly old man. Afraid we would all find out his true self. No wonder he didn’t really think he would win the election — even Donald Trump knows he isn’t much and hasn’t much to offer.

Of course, he does have the resources to make all our lives miserable or even vanish, but mostly he storms about the room throwing papers and cursing his fate. He has revealed some things about some Americans that are not pretty.

We must remind each other that this place is special and our goals to make the world a better place was at the beginning of our existence. We eschew cheaters and admire those who give more than they get. As my dear friend Marion says: “And this, too, will pass.”

Judy Schorling, Fresno

Aiming to empower low-income families

Aleksandra Appleton’s article on the impact of poverty on a child’s intellectual growth and development reminds us all of the Valley’s pressing problems. The state’s task force on addressing this issue notes that it is not only early childhood education that is a necessity, but also health care, nutrition, economic opportunities and housing.

As a board member of Reading and Beyond, a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower families to lead productive, self-reliant lives, I am proud that we take a “cradle to career” approach. We have a holistic philosophy and work with entire families through parent education, preschool education, tutoring, college preparation, GED programs and training for employment.

Right here in Fresno we have zip code 93701, the poorest in the state and arguably one of the poorest in the nation. Students attend Roosevelt High, Tehipite Middle School and Jefferson, Webster, Lowell and Yokomi elementary schools. Surely they and their families deserve the same opportunities that exist in more affluent neighborhoods. As Reading and Beyond approaches its 20th anniversary it continues to work hard to level the playing field for these students and families as well as for many others in the Central Valley.

Francine M. Farber, Fresno