Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Friday, December 21, 2018

Scammer no match for this grandma

I’ve been the target of a number of fake calls during the past year, all asking for money. I finally figured out how to handle them. Today’s caller said, “Hi Grandma, it’s your grandson.” My heart began to beat a little faster as I realized I was about to put my plan into action.

Just to make him dangle a little, I made him repeat it. “Who did you say this is?” I asked politely. He repeated, “Grandma, it’s your grandson.” This was my chance. I said in my sweetest voice, “Oh, I’m so glad you called. I’ve just run out of money and I need you to help me.” There was a slight pause in the conversation. Taken by surprise, the young man replied, “Oh (expletive), Grandma, that’s why I called you. I’ve got the same problem.”

The time was here. The time was now. I gleefully said, “That’s because you’re a scam artist.” I had planned to stop there, but my passion inflamed me into adding an abbreviation for a common two-word expletive of my own, and then I slammed down the phone.

Very satisfying for a grandma.

Francine M. Farber, Fresno

She fears Ocasio-Cortez

Ruben Navarrette Jr. touted the win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the poor girl from the Bronx, who rose from bartender to member of Congress. Miss Ocasio-Cortez was educated at Boston University, and after graduation and death of her father she supplemented family income by bartending. But she’s hardly the impoverished young woman some would have us believe. As a child she was sent to school in Yorktown for the lack of “quality school” in the Bronx.

Using the new leftist and Antifa mantra, GOP “white men” say they fear her. I would say that many Americans fear her and others like her. I am a brown skinned female of Mexican descent and I fear her because she is a self-proclaimed socialist. She like other millennials would rather change this country instead of moving to a country that already espouses socialism!

I not only fear her but I’m afraid our country will lose its identity. From the last generation of 18, 19-year-olds who fought and died for our country to the young people of today that need safe spaces, coloring books and quiet areas to be soothed and coddled.

So yes, I fear anyone like Ocasio-Cortez.

Ilda Meacham, Fresno

State, feds responsible for wildfires

The letter titled “Paradise fire looks like PG&E’s fault” (12-2-18) states as a taxpayers we should not pay for PG&E’s negligence. I don’t see any negligence on the part of PG&E. They notified residences of downed power lines, witch at the time was all they could do.

The downed powerlines may have caused the fire, but the magnitude of the fire and the resulting destruction was the result of decades of poor or nonexistence of proper forest management by both state and federal levels. So we as taxpayers and property owners are on the hook for paying not for PG&E’s negligence, but for the negligence of state and federal agencies that have allowed our forests and grasslands to get in such bad shape.

We have suppressed fires for the past 50 years, causing under growth and dead trees to build up to the point that when a fire starts it burns so hot and fast that it destroys everything in its path. We should consider logging and replanting in strategic areas to make fire breaks near populated areas. We could also build Biomass plants to burn dead trees and produce cheap electricity. Of course, the environmentalists would fight both these ideas.

John Williams, Fresno

Addicts need help, support

Many people do not know the difference between substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse can appear “casual” and people don’t experience all the withdrawal symptoms. Addiction is a disease that permanently alters the brain. Although using substances isn’t acceptable, many people who experiment with drugs don’t receive as much backlash as those who are dependent on a drug.

The mindset many people have about addicted people is that they should just stop using, and it’s their fault for even trying the substance. It’s true that someone makes the initial choice of doing an illegal drug, but what comes after is out of their control. When a person becomes addicted, their only thought is about when they can get their next fix or how they can experience a high even greater.

It’s difficult for someone to quit cold turkey and many people don’t understand how much a drug can alter your brain. Going cold turkey is not an option. This is a wake up call for everyone. Addicted individuals are still real people, and they need real help. It’s vital people set aside their judgements and support those who are struggling with drug addiction, because they cannot do it themselves.

Callie Borges, Fresno