Letters to the Editor

Grading Trump: Letters to the editor, Dec. 9, 2018

President Donald Trump speaks a Hanukkah reception Thursday in the East Room of the White House in Washington.
President Donald Trump speaks a Hanukkah reception Thursday in the East Room of the White House in Washington. AP

Trump not really doing great job

Tommie Autrey-Mahnert’s “Trump is doing a great job” condemned The Fresno Bee for not praising the accomplishments of Donald Trump. Here’s why no praise is warranted.

1. The largest tax cuts since Reagan primarily benefited the wealthy. The Trump organization stands to gain $20 million. Fifty-three members who voted for it expect an average of $280,000 in cuts. Middle class got crumbs. $2 trillion added to the debt and Trump and Republicans propose cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA and Social Security to pay for it.

2. Corporate tax cuts went to share buy-backs, no new jobs and, in fact, job cuts (GM to cut 14,000 jobs, shut down 5 plants).

3. Crimes have been on a downtrend since 1990. No doubt Trump wants credit. Unprecedented mass killings occurred helped by Trump’s rhetoric and “thoughts and prayers” instead of action.

4. Unemployment has trended down from 10 percent in 2009 to 5 percent in 2017. Going lower is a natural progression but Trump takes credit.

5. Trump supports the military? How? By not attending Paris memorial honoring WWI vets and skipping Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day. He also said John McCain was not a war hero.

Alan Cheah, Oakhurst

Go beyond appearances

People should stop assuming thing about others without knowing. For instance, I am Laotian, and right away people think I’m Hmong or Chinese just because I am Asian. There are other types or Asian races and people need to understand that not all Asians are just Chinese.

People are different and may get offended when someone just assumes something that they are not and it’s rude to just call an Asian person Chinese just because they are or look Asian. This just doesn’t go for Asians, it goes for all races, too.

Ayehsa Vongmysay, Fresno

Keep abortion a woman’s decision

I am pro-choice and believe you cannot tell another woman what she can and cannot do with her body. What if a older woman told an younger man what he can or cannot do? For example, the number of his sexual partners or who he can or cannot be with.

There a lot of factors when someone says a woman cannot have an abortion, such as, the cost of having a baby, because babies are not cheap. The woman would have to pay for a crib, changing station, food, car seat, food, etc. It should be a choice and not society’s place to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body, such as wear a certain type of clothing, like a conservative outfit, to please society. As a society we need to make woman feel like they have a choice and are not being pressured into having a baby they are definitely ready for.

Linda Wiltjer, Fresno

Money to rebuild from taxpayers

The feds have given $20 M in aid to Camp fire victims. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who was back in the town of Paradise recently, said he has never witnessed such devastation.

This is the statement that angered me: “There’s a lot of things I’d rather spend this federal money on rather than repairing damage of things that have been destroyed.” Who do these people think they are? This is our taxpayers’ money which rebuilds, not his. Where are these people going to go? Some cannot leave, they have animals — who is going to rent to them?

People are elderly with a low, fixed income, Social Security. We are the people of California, we will rebuild by helping each other. California is gold country, founded by people in little towns up and down our “great” state.

Secretary Zinke, you really do not know Californians; I assume this is the reason you lost the elections in this state.

Donna M. Andrews, Madera