Letters to the Editor

Trump achievements: Letters to the editor, Dec. 3, 2018

President Donald Trump arrives and joins other heads of state for a photo at the G20 summit, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
President Donald Trump arrives and joins other heads of state for a photo at the G20 summit, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. AP

Don’t overstate Trump achievements

Thanks, Ms. Penner, letter to the editor 11/19, for calling out some of the oxymorons in Mr. Sniffin’s 11/11/18 letter. Excuse me, but to acknowledge that the elected president “is rude, crude, jerk, unlikeable” is saying he’s an extraordinarily obnoxious teenager…… or a psychopathic adult.

Look at Mr. Sniffin’s reasons for praising Trump. Economy? Giving the presiding president praise for it? That’s praising the audience for a good play performance. Appreciation should be given the rehearsal of contributors several months or years in the past. Thanks, Mr. Obama, for setting the stage. Trump is setting the stage for a later economic disaster coming from cutting taxes hastily, spending wildly.

Trump talking to the N. Korean leader? Whee! Two liars conversing might be interesting a la theater of the absurd. Seriously, suggesting that peace will emerge?

Good businessman? Stiffing contractors? Stiffing NATO? Don’t do it in my name!

Less poverty? No, lowest home ownership in a generation. Even with the children farmed out to babysitters so that Mama and Papa can work two jobs each to pay for school loans, they still can’t own the roof over their heads. A drop in poverty? I don’t think so.

Sylvia J. Woodburne, Fresno

Faith still intact after election

The midterm elections taught me a lesson I needed taught. This is still the country I thought it was. The majority of us Americans like our neighbors, work associates, and treat people with kindness and respect. Of course, we disagree, and we should. Remember the midterms after Nixon’s resignation — 38 new House seats for the Democrats. We’re at 37 at my last count. Standing up for truth, respectfulness, and unity is the message of the 2018 midterms. Thanks for keeping this skeptic’s faith intact.

Steve Carr, Fresno

Is this a scary future vision?

First they came for the journalists.

We don’t know what happened next.

Larry Finch, Fresno

California’s GOP: rest in peace

Kristin Olson’s obituary for the Grand Old Party of Cali failed to include a few rememberries that some of us retain from the golden age of California’s Republican hegemony.

Her Tuesday (Nov. 13) Fresno Bee redux of Republican history provided a tissue-covered lens for the era of S.I. Hayakawa, Ronald Reagan, H.L, Richardson, George Deukmejian, and Pete Wilson. These folks and their friends championed English-only movements, promoted putting “welfare bums back to work” campaigns, ugly “don’t let ‘em take your gun” propaganda that defeated Tom Bradley’s bid for governor, vetoes of anti-discrimination legislation aimed at protecting gays and lesbians, anti-immigrant Proposition 187, and anti-affirmative action Proposition 209 and Proposition 8, among many other, regressive, hateful efforts. Wilson apparently says he would again support Prop. 187.

Her writing provided no conciliation toward those people and institutions that suffer the continued pandering to hate and anger promulgated by the GOP.

But for ever more hateful misogyny, racism, embrace of autocracy and autocrats, intolerance, and complete exploitation of California’s environment, little has changed. If Ms. Olson truly wishes to resurrect the GOP in Jesus’s image, well, OK. Better she just embrace a more human, progressive party.

Gunnar Jensen, Fresno