Letters to the Editor

Janz just more of the same

Andrew Janz is the change we need. That is, no change at all! After all, better the devil you know.

Why replace Rep. Devin Nunes with someone progressive, intelligent and wanting to work for the Valley when you can replace him with more of the same? Janz promises to hold the same values that Nunes has used to keep our Valley together for almost two decades now – promise big, ignore your constituents, and most importantly only accept money from people looking to use your rise to power for personal gain.

That’s right, do not vote Bobby Bliatout, who wants to do such terrible things as improve our health care system, grow jobs in the Central Valley, and help agriculture. After all, if we improve our lives too much we might actually enjoy living the the Valley. Who wants that? Vote Janz, so we can feel good about replacing Nunes, but not have to actually worry about having to work to improve our lives.

So don’t visit Bobby4Congress.com, it’s a website filled with progress, opportunity, and worst of all a viable candidate. Instead just vote Janz. The candidate you can count on to let you down.

Jessica Herrera, Fresno