Letters to the Editor

Planners scare off investment

Hearing that the proposed deal to locate a Smart & Final store at Blackstone and Clinton avenues had fallen through, I cannot help but wonder how that could happen! I had seen in The Bee that the city of Fresno’s planners had proposed a plan to deal with future buildings in Fresno but gave little thought to it since the addition of a Smart & Final seemed like a “no-brainer.”

I guess I was wrong.

Looking at this particular corner, and the blight it presents, it seemed that a quality store like this would be an outstanding addition to the area. However, at the time the thought hit my mind that other enterprises had attempted to locate in Fresno only to be driven off by planners who had forgotten they work for the people of Fresno.

I understand this time it was the placement of the building on the property Smart & Final was buying. Does that seem like a justifiable reason to torpedo a development that would benefit the city with tax revenue and other benefits?

Richard Shore