Letters to the Editor

Stop draining your pools

We read tips daily on how we can save water during the drought. Don’t water the lawn. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Don’t flush unless it’s brown. Turn off the shower while you soap up. These are fine and dandy, but we’re missing a big obvious item: the swimming pool.

In the past two weeks, twice I have witnessed large amounts of water running down the street gutter, as in a couple of blocks long. I traced the water to the sources and they were from swimming pools being drained.

In my angst, I called the city to see if this was allowed. I was told that it is and that is the recommended way to drain a pool. You only need to get a permit.

So give the city some money and you can waste water? Can’t we come up with a way to recycle the water? Dust control, park watering or flushing the toilet.

How about no draining pools in drought? Hello, Mayor Swearengin, we need some direction.

Ed McAllister