Letters to the Editor

Ponding basins aren’t dog parks

Regarding the closure of ponding basins, I have a dog who loves to chase the tennis ball and have used my nearby ponding basin for over a decade.

Having broken up too many fights between dogs and dog owners, as well as having frequent communication with neighbors, I have just reasons for my opinion. A contributing cause to the closures is a direct result of too many off-leash dog owners believing they deserve exclusive use of the basins, to the detriment of their other neighbors.

Our neighbors are also taxpayers and deserve common courtesy when subjected to the behavior of off-leash dogs. Our basins were always meant to be used as neighborhood parks; they are not dog parks. Disregarding the rights of others to not be bothered by your dog is disrespectful.

Faced with complaints, too many dog owners just shrug, because “dogs will be dogs.” No, dogs will just be dogs when owners choose to not control them.

I respectfully request that dog owners wake up and control your dogs. Otherwise, please keep them on a leash or take the lead and demand real dog parks.

Bonnie Keller