Letters to the Editor

Religious freedom? Follow the money

I wish Indiana governor Mike Pence had called the bluff of Walmart and other retailers over taking their business elsewhere because of the recently enacted law regarding alleged religious “freedom.”

It would have been interesting to see if big businesses would really forgo a sizable market over this issue (which would be the moral thing to do, but this is about big business — not something known to intersect with morality very often).

It would have been even more interesting to see them do it and put in peril the jobs of thousands. I wondered, when confronted with a massive negative economic impact, how long this “religious freedom” nonsense would last, given the back-peddling, not long.

My prediction on same-sex marriage: a Supreme Court decision will rule that marriage is a religious sacrament, not a legal contract and that civil unions are the legal standard.

People should be free to worship, believe, profess faith as they choose — none of it has any legal standing beyond the end of your nose. Religions are free to accept or decline homosexuals (or anyone — this is the practicality of it). But don’t hide under Jesus’ sandals claiming religious freedom when your goal is simply to discriminate.

Daniel Lea